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Bridge (2006)

Video documentation of Bridge. *

Installation (2 x 4s, rope)
36′ (H) x 38′ (L) x 4′ (W)

Bridge was a sculptural intervention that temporarily joined two Vancouver residential homes in the early fall of 2006. Spanning thirty-seven-feet across and reaching four stories in height, Terris’ Bridge was realized by implementing an engineering technique based on a 12th century Chinese painting and unfinished 2x4s. Access to the bridge was offered twenty-four hours a day to visitors during a six-week period until the bridge was dismantled.

The spectacular scale and context of Terris’ Bridge lured people from the street onto its four-storey arch to provide them with a bird’s eye view of the gridded urban environment below. From this new perspective Bridge offered visitors a subtle critique of social and civic governing structures that quietly dictate our movements in public space.

* Video Documentation: Vince Arvidson